7 Places to Visit in Jeonju

With so many cities to visit in South Korea, among those places, which one makes you “feel Korea’ the most? Perhaps the most popular locations like Seoul, Busan, or Gyeongju? Nah, Jeonju is one of the best tourist attractions for genuinely feeling the vibe of Korean culture. 

Jeonju 전주 is home to Korea’s largest Hanok Village. It’s the cultural capital of South Korea, and people who’ve been in the city agrees that it’s the central place for you to truly explore and ‘FEEL KOREA’. By the way, that’s what the city’s slogan is about. 

Jeonju is not just your typical place to stay. In fact, according to surveys and recommendations from adventurers across the globe, if you’re heading to Asia, Jeonju is a must-visit place. It ranks 3rd among the best places to visit on the continent! Now we’re talking.

There’s so much to do in the city and going for a day tour is not enough. You’ll undoubtedly want to stay for a couple of days or more to breathe and live in this stunning place. The main attraction of this place is the Hanok Village. While it takes about 40 to 60 minutes to circle the city, every alley is a portal to a new world that’s waiting for you to rediscover. 

Now here’s what you should include in your itinerary when you visit Jeonju. Mark your notepad, add it to your to-do-list, and have fun! 

Jeonju's Must-Visit Place

Since Jeonju promotes itself as the best place to feel real Korea truly, it’s an all-in-one place that highlights all of the country’s various tourist attractions. There are plenty of cultural sights and historical sites, fantastic to world-class culinary delights, and natural landscapes. 

Jeonju is 2 hours away from Seoul 서울, 40 minutes away from Gunsan 군산 (east). It’s a perfect getaway if you genuinely want to explore the beauty of South Korea with a new twist. To truly explore the beauty of the country, you need to discover it’s a hidden gem. Here are the best places to visit Jeonju and feel the local vibes of being an authentic Korean. 

Jeonju Hanok Village 전주 한옥 마을

The most popular place to visit in Jeonju is the Hanok Village (Maul). It’s the best place for you to truly feel Korean vibes truly, plus you can hire a hanbok, South Korea’s traditional clothing. It’s one of a kind experience to dress up and feel Korean culture in one place. While touring across the city, you can check every alley while dressed up, eating choco pies, or bibimbap. 

Hanok Village in Jeonju is known to be the largest in the country and a scenic place to wander off the city like you’ve been teleported back in time. 

There is plenty of hanok where locals are still living to this day. However, most of these homes have been converted to museums, restaurants, cafes, exhibition spaces, and souvenir shops for tourists. 

Deokjin Park 덕진 공원

Deokjin Park is located close to Chonbuk National University that has a lake and a park. The park is widely known during the summer season, especially when the Lotus flowers start to bloom. It’s the best place for you to stroll across the lake.

If you want to go on an extra adventure, hiring the swan pedal bike will give you a unique view and experience of the famous Deokjin Park from a new perspective. Have a glimpse of the favorite season of the lotus flower from May to around mid-July.

The large pods of lotus allow you to savor the beauty of nature with its arc-shaped bridge and several pavilions and playgrounds.

Gyeonggijeon Shrine 경기 전

Found at the heart of the Hanok Village in Jeonju is the Gyeonggijeon Shrine. Connected with it is the Royal Portrait Museum as your spectacular view. The shrine offers a magnificent courtyard that is surrounded by several well-preserved historical buildings and monuments. 

There’s also a little bamboo grove, which is a famous instagrammable spot. However, the whole place is beautiful and has those picturesque shrine backgrounds contemplating the scene. 

In the shrine, you’ll find a few portraits of the late King Taejo that are all well-preserved—two in the Royal Museum and one at the shrine. King Taejo is known to be the founder of the Joseon Dynasty (Korea). There are also various portraits from previous kings of Korea. 

The cost of entry to the Gyeonggijeon Shrine is 3000 won or $2.50; these include access to both museum and shrine.

Nambu Market 남부 시장

When it comes to shopping local yet great buy, the Nambu Market is a must-check. This regional market offers everything you’ll ever think of, from seafood to clothing to gift shops, souvenir shops, and kitchen goods. While you may think that the place is quiet, wait until it gets dark and see its transformation. from an all quiet place to an instant lively and fun place, Nambu Market offers a night market experience from Friday and Saturday nights. You’ll find yourself lost in the crowd with all those bustling shops and sellers. 

IJeondong Catholic Church 전동 성당

The church is located near the hanok Village, where most tourist spots are found. The quick walk will tour you around the church. In the late 1900s, to honor catholic martyrs lost their lives on the same site where the church is now standing. 

The church’s stained glass windows perfectly complement sunny weather. Jeondong Catholic Church is also considered to be the most stunningly built church in Korea. You may have noticed it in several Kdrama you’ve watched, and masses are still helped every morning.

Jaman Mural Village 자만 벽화 마을

If you head over to the east of hanok Village, you’ll find another tourist attraction—Jaman Mural Village. You can easily reach this spot by crossing the bridge over the Omokdae viewpoint. It’s a must-see spot if you’ll visit Jeonju. The place showcases a hipster and artsy side of the famous city. 

You can find several winding streets where you can walk and admire unique and colorful murals painted by various talented local artists. There are also tons of quirky cafes and shops along the alleyways of homes. Most of these homes have terraces located outdoors, which allows you to rest, relax, and marvel at the city’s beauty. 

Omokdae & Imokdae 오목대와 이목 대

A few elevations can provide a unique adventure across the city. To have a stunning view of Jeonju city, you can hike your way up to Omokdae viewpoint and down to Jeonju’s hanok Village. This viewpoint is found at Hanok Village’s southeastern corner. 


You can easily reach the summit through the wooden staircases. While you may think that hiking means a long terrain and walking, it’s only a few flights of stairs. Anyone who’s up for an adventure can be in at Omokdae Viewpoint in about five minutes. You’ll find a small pavilion located at the top where you can rest for a while as you marvel at the scene down. The corner of your trail allows you to check tiled rooftops from the hanok Village.

You can follow the trail going to Imokdae, and you can cross a bridge where you can find the mural village with outstanding artworks and fabulous cafes.


If you notice these great spots’ locations, you’ll see that they are all close to the Hanok Village on all its corners. Going over to these tourist spots is close to walking across every direction. Whether you plan to visit and stay overnight or more in the city, checking the place allows you to feel like a local. Whether you’re a backpacker who wants to explore the city, everything comes in handy and close. No wonder Jeonju has been tagged as one of the best attractions in Asia. You’ll feel the Korean vibe in one place. 

There are plenty of other places for you to check. Indeed you’ll find something in one of the alleys and make your journey even more memorable. So what are you waiting for? Visit Jeonju now! 

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