[KPOP]: Learn more about BLACKPINK

It is widely known that the word K-pop has become almost synonymous with the letters B, T and S.
But there’s another K-pop group that’s been breaking records as their music captures the attention of a global audience.
The four women of Blackpink, who debuted as a group in 2016, comprise a multilingual performance powerhouse connecting with fans across borders. Their fandom name is called “BLINKS”.

[KPOP]: Learn more about SNSD

It’s almost impossible to talk about the international fame of the K-Pop industry without discussing Girls’ Generation, or SNSD because they propelled K-Pop to international fame.

But aren’t you curious how the girls were originally formed? If you are then I dare you to sit back, relax and enjoy reading cause I’m about to blow your mind!

[KPOP Group] Learn More About GOT7

As K-Pop increasingly grows by each day, it’s harder for casual listeners to keep up with every group. Today, I’ll present to you this 6-year-old boy group that with their versatility, they bring something different to the table. You may already know one or two members but as a whole they’re called GOT7.

How South Korean’s Celebrate Their Loved Ones’ Death Anniversary

We all know that a death anniversary (or deathday) is the anniversary of a person’s death or in simple terms, it is the opposite of birthday.

It is a traditional custom in several Asian cultures, including Korea as well as in other places with significant overseas Korean populations, to observe the anniversary on which a family member or other significant individual passed away.

There are also similar memorial services that are held at different intervals, such as every week.

Top 5 Crime Series That You’ll Love

If there’s a genre of K-Drama that you can’t go wrong with is crime-based series. They will have you on the edge of the seat wondering what’s about to happen. Under the genre you can find a lot of themes, from cold cases to emergency 112 call centers. Each and every one of them brings something new to the table making it enjoyable even when you have never watched a Korean crime series before.

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5 Reasons Why You Love Kdrama

Korean dramas were never more soothing or demanding in the midst of the pandemic.

With more viewers outside Asia who are captivated by the global Korean wave, Korean dramas have become much more popular these days.