Top 10 List of KDrama to Binge-watch on Netflix

This pandemic takes its toll on our daily lives. Many have changed but that doesn’t stop us from living the life we wanted. Most of us prefer to stay and work from home because of the health issues that might take upon us.

So while we’re dealing with the stress this 2020 has been giving us, let me give you a list of KDrama to binge-watch on Netflix that might give you the relaxation you needed.

5 Fantasy Romance K-Dramas To Melt Your Heart

As the ongoing pandemic became a chance to be up-to-date with different series, here’s five Korean dramas that have romance and something more. The genre linked to these is romantic fantasy, a subgenre of fantasy fiction. Just as the definition says, the characters may start as solitary wanderers but they won’t remain like that for long. A good characteristic is that the series tend to focus on their fantastic elements rather than their relationships, making it easy to immerse yourself in the whirlwind of emotions. This list, going from the oldest to the newest, is perfect to dive into the fantasy romance world.

Top 5 Crime Series That You’ll Love

If there’s a genre of K-Drama that you can’t go wrong with is crime-based series. They will have you on the edge of the seat wondering what’s about to happen. Under the genre you can find a lot of themes, from cold cases to emergency 112 call centers. Each and every one of them brings something new to the table making it enjoyable even when you have never watched a Korean crime series before.

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5 Reasons Why You Love Kdrama

Korean dramas were never more soothing or demanding in the midst of the pandemic.

With more viewers outside Asia who are captivated by the global Korean wave, Korean dramas have become much more popular these days.