About us


Chief executive officer

Kath Song | 송캐서린

Impact Maker. Multi-passion entrepreneur. Self-confessed hobby hoarder turned digital marketer trying to fit in Korea’s social ecosystem one banchan at a time.

Chief operating officer

Rhisa Rey | 레이 리사

Novelist and Community Builder. Content Creator & Strategist who loves K-Entertainment and K-Culture. Balancing her life as a mom and a fangirl.

CHief marketing officer

Michel Shin | 신 미셸

Korean Wife & Mom of two. Mompreneur & Content Writer for EcoFriendly brands while sharing to the world that the best partner for ramyeon is kimchi.

why we started inssa korea?

Our Story


Inssa-Korea started as a brainchild of Kath Song’s digital agency, Kernel Digital Marketing. Our main goal is to share everything that we know about Korea and its culture so we figured out we will start Inssa Korea. 

We believe that there’s so much more than kimchi and soju, oppas and korean pop. So we came up with an idea of creating an online lifestyle magazine. A place where everyone can learn more about the culture, business, life in Korea, music, dramas, and even places to go to when you visit the country. 

We want this corner in the internet to be chill, light, fun, and hate-free environment for everyone who loves Korea. 

In return, we will do our best to deliver fresh and latest news from the land of kimchi! 

See you around~

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We are looking for ambassadors and currently running a Hangeul Reading Club for those who are interested to improve their Korean language.