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As K-Pop increasingly grows by each day, it’s harder for casual listeners to keep up with every group. Today, I’ll present to you this 6-year-old boy group that with their versatility, they bring something different to the table. You may already know one or two members but as a whole they’re called GOT7.

Let’s start from the basics. GOT7 is a group under JYP Entertainment (one of the big three companies in the industry) and as their name implies, they have seven members. These members are: JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom. They debuted on January 16, 2014 with the single “Girls Girls Girls” and have been active ever since.

Their fandom name is “IGOT7” but they call them “Ahgase”, a cute nickname with similar pronunciation that means “baby bird” in Korean. This nickname was the inspiration behind their official lightstick as well. Their most recent comeback is called “Not By the Moon” and was released on April 20 of this year.

Now, we’re going to officially dive into what makes this group special. First, their nationalities. GOT7 is presented as a “global group” by their company and they have every right to hold that title.

Three of its members (Mark, Jackson and BamBam), who present themselves as Amerithaikong, are from different countries and still create a perfect harmony within the group. Mark, also known as Mark Yi-En Tuan, is an american of Taiwanese descent. He grew up in LA and it was there where he was casted to join the company because of his visuals. Jackson, known as Wang Jia Er, is chinese. Born and raised in Hong Kong, he’s a former fencing athlete who was on his way to participate in the Olympics before joining the company. BamBam is Thai. He grew up knowing about K-Pop as his mother is a big fan of Rain and thanks to her he was later casted to become a trainee. None of them knew the language before arriving in South Korea but even then, they managed to overcome that and be where they are today.



Talking about languages, GOT7 is collectively fluent in five of them. The languages are: Korean, English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Thai.

They also speak basic Japanese, being Jinyoung the best between the members. Recently they are trying Spanish, only knowing a thing or two about it but really invested in it.

This helps them reach a bigger audience and also the chance to present themselves in other countries without relying on an official interpreter, having direct contact with the fans.

Their music is also exceptional; they’re not afraid to try new sounds constantly. They have a big range that goes from hip-hop and electronic to r&b and ballads.

One of their most known songs is “Just Right” released at the end of 2015. In its lyrics they talk about how everyone is perfect the way they are and don’t have to change for anyone.

It really got popular internationally and locally, increasing their fame just in time for their release of “If You Do”. This song was a total change of style for GOT7 and led them to win their first ever music show award. Another important songs in their career are: “You Are” which was the first promotional song written by a member, in this case JB followed by “Lullaby” who has their personal record of highest number of wins with seven and also their first song to be featured in four languages: Korean, Spanish, English and Chinese.

Some personal recommendations from yours truly are: Aura, Run Away, Remember You, You Calling My Name, The End, Page, 1 Degree, The Reason, Save You, Dreamin’, Beggin On My Knees and Girl Magnetic.

They don’t only work together as a seven-member team but also in sub-units.

At the moment, they have two active units as well as a soloist. Their units are: JJ Project, composed by members JB and Jinyoung and Jus2, by JB and Yugyeom.

JJ Project debuted way before GOT7 was formed back in 2012. Their company wanted to test the waters for the next generation boy group and these two were the perfect pair to do it.

They debuted with the single “Bounce” and participated in the drama ‘Dream High 2’ creating a solid fan base in Korea.

They later re-debuted under the name of GOT7 and came back after 5 years on hiatus with the single “Tomorrow, Today”, part of their mini-album ‘Verse 2’.

In 2019, debuted their second unit and duo Jus2 with the single “Focus On Me” of their mini-album ‘Focus’.

JB and Yugyeom are in charge of bringing the smoothness and flow of R&B into the group’s charms. Their active soloist is Jackson Wang who formed their own label ‘Team Wang’ to release countless singles being “Pretty Please” his latest. Some recommendations from the mentioned above are: Icarus, Find You, Drunk On You, Long Black, ON THE ROCKS and Faded. 

Besides doing music, they work on different fields of the industry.

Mark is a well known face within the magazine industry as he has been covering a great amount of these in China and South Korea respectively.

Jinyoung is a promising actor who has taken different roles from younger versions of the lead actor to being a lead actor himself. He has been receiving praise from the industry directors and has two dramas and a movie coming out in the next year.

Youngjae recently ended his duties as a radio DJ on ‘Idol Radio’ where he worked alongside DAY6’s Young K. He’s also set to officially debut as an actor on the Netflix K-sitcom ‘I Hope The Earth Is Annihilated Tomorrow’.

BamBam is a big name in the Thai industry being a good entertainer and spokesman for a lot of brands.

This is only the tip of the iceberg for GOT7, who are always innovating themselves.

If you want to know more about them you can watch their programs: Real GOT7, Hard Carry season 1 and 2 and Real Thai.

They’re also active in social media on Twitter, Instagram (JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, Yugyeom) and VLIVE.

It was a pleasure to help you know more about these amazing boys!

Who’s your favorite? (Even if I know it’s not easy to choose!)

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