Top 10 Comedy KDrama Series That You’ll Love


If you’re looking for a list of feel-good, makes-you-laugh-so-hard Kdrama series, congratulations, you’re at the right place! We’ve rounded up the best and the most ‘wholesome’, funny comedy series that will paint a smile and improve your mood series. 

Prepare the popcorn, turn off the lights, and enjoy! These complications will surely brighten up your day! 

10 Excellent Comedy Kdramas That You'll Definitely Love!

There’s nothing more memorable than something that makes us feel from within. Whether you are watching the latest series or hopping from one K-Drama series to another, looking for the right potion to keep you hooked and happy, these lists are just so good, and they will make you laugh out loud. We mean it! 

1. What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?

What’s wrong with a successful secretary leaving a handsome boss?

The series is not just fun but oozing with cuteness and sweetness, making your heart laugh and flutter. While it can be a typical office romance type of succession, the characters are not ordinary. 

The narcissist and conceited CEO Lee Young Joon realizes his feelings for his secretary when she finally calls it a day and quits her job. Kim Mi So just wanted a ‘normal’ life and wanted her boss out of her life. Would he let her go? You bet! 

It will make your heart cringe, flutter, and scream for sweetness. The leads have the perfect chemistry that you’ll wish them to be a couple in real life.

What’s best about the series is that it will make you happy until the end!

2. My ID is Gangnam Beauty

This series tells about a woman that’s trying to fit into a society who thinks beauty is all about appearance, and so she had plastic surgery. While she meets her love interest during college, consumed by people’s perception of beauty, without knowing he’s different from the rest.

It offers a unique approach to what society believes and rates real beauty. You’ll surely get hooked with this one as the theme tackles university issues and the likes.

3. My Love From the Star

There are different characters portrayed in every K-Drama but not an alien that’s overly handsome. The series gained international success, thanks to its amazing leads. 

What would you expect with an alien that falls in love with a famous actress?

Probably a riot?

A tremendously funny riot that will make you drop off your feet laughing.

4. She Was Pretty

She Was Pretty is another K-Drama series that will make you feel so much better than thinking it makes you happy. It surely will bring good sunshine on your gloomy day. This uplifting romance-comedy series features unique characters that you’ll surely love. 

The story is about two childhood friends Ji Sung Joon and Kim Hye Jin, who were separated but found their way back and bump into their lives once more. Sung Joon cannot forget his first love, who wouldn’t, right?

So he returns to find and meet Hye Jin once more. 

Here’s the twist, she’s not as lovely as when they were kids, and Sung Joon cannot recognize her anymore.

So these best friends then met at her place. There’s so much laugh and love in this drama that your heart will ache beautifully while laughing! 

5. Shopping King Louie

The series perfectly showcases what opposite attraction means and what real misunderstanding means of how a riot starts. It revolves around a rich man who knows nothing about life as he was born with a golden spoon. 

Being a certified shopaholic, extremely rich, and a lavish lifestyle suddenly disappears together with his memory. Now he is left with nothing but must cling to a country girl that teaches him how to save and survive even with life’s bare necessities. 

6. Welcome To Waikiki Season 1

If you’re looking for a laugh-out-loud feel-good series, then you should check Welcome to Waikiki.

The series is filled with humor that overly wacky and a sprinkle of romance to keep you hooked and cracked at the same time. 

The story centers around three men who manage and run a hotel. The Waikiki guest house is not just your typical in for a relaxing vibe. While everyone is trying to pull their life together, everything turns upside down when a baby appears in their hotel. An abandoned baby, what will these three lads do? 

Their once quiet guesthouse is now filled with tons of mischief and unexpected scenes that will surely make you laugh so hard you’ll cry! 

P.S. It has a season 2 but it is not connected with the first season (but still, you can share the same laugh with the next season!)

7. Master's Sun

master's sun

Not everyone finds the right potion of comedy and horror, but for those into it, Master’s Sun is an excellent choice. The series pulls everything at the right place, and you’ll be asking for more. 

The lead female has always been bugged by many ghosts, which leads to less sleep, making her life miserable. When she meets Joo Joong Won, a conceited and arrogant shopping mall CEO, she begins to cling with him knowing there is peace on his side. 

It’s something new for us seeing a horror story become quite light, yet the characters are executed properly. The series is more than a scary ghost, but there’s a sentimental vibe while watching and understanding where everyone is coming from. 

8. Kill Me Heal Me

Kill Me Heal Me is a must-watch K-Drama that offers a unique blend of humor and a disorder everyone should understand.

You’ll surely agree with us on how excellent the plot-twist and how well Korean Dramas are executed. They leave a mark in our hearts like this one. 

The series centers around a dissociative identity disorder led by Cha Do Hyun. Meeting the psychiatric beauty, Oh Ri Jin, who helps him regain full control of his once wasted life. 

With this type of series, you’ll need an excellent actor to portray the role, and Ji Sung did best here. The seven personalities lurking in one person are already tough, but everything is made easy on this series.

You’ll surely have a fun time watching this while being educated and, yes, having so much fun and a great laugh!

9. Secret Garden

secret garden

A classic comedy series that will surely melt your heart and make you feel so great like a smile has been plaster on your face.

What happens with a cocky CEO falling in love with a stuntwoman? A disaster? Maybe, or maybe not.

It’s all plain good vibes that make you think it’s all that cliche plot but wait until everything turns around with tons of emotions and a fantasy twist that switches the leads together.

10. I'm Not A Robot

im not a robot

I’m Not A Robot is one of the new flavors of K-Drama that will hook you up real hard. What happens when a guy that has an allergy to people falls in love with a pretend robot?

Probably fun, but surely worth watching. The series is about two characters struggling with their ghost but trying to overcome them to be with each other.

How fun could it be? You should watch it and let us know! We bet you’ll like this series so much.

We've also included some top picks that didn't make our list:

  • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
  • The Fiery Priest
  • My Only Love Song
  • The Sound of Your Heart
  • Weightlifting Fairy Kim BokJoo
  • Full House
  • Rooftop Prince
  • Suspicious Partner


There’s just so much to love about K-Dramas and their unique and entertaining plots. Whether you’re looking for something to flutter your heart or exercise your jaw, we’ve got you covered. If you have recommendations that are not on the list, let us know! We’ll be glad to include them on our next list! 


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