Top 10 Songs for the 3rd Week of September

The 3rd week of September has been jam-packed with releases from the biggest K-Pop stars. Nonetheless, here are the top 10 songs for the 3rd week of September!

1. Stray Kids - “Back Door”

Off of their new repackaged album “IN生” (INLIFE), Stray Kids came up with a funkier sound with “Back Door”.

This is quite the contrast from the hard-hitting hip hop beats of “God’s Menu”. The blend of pop, hip-hop, and funky bass and synths was the highlight of the track, with a synth-lead instrumental chorus that switched to a more EDM sound.

2. ASTRO Moonbin and Sanha - “Bad Idea”

ASTRO’s Moonbin and Sanha teamed up to form the new sub-unit off of their group and they seem to follow the same funky route.

“Bad Idea” is led with a funky guitar riff and bass line, but overall, the production in this is quite simplistic – making the vocals pop out more and put them in the spotlight.

3. CL - “Post Up”

GZBs and the Blackjacks are for sure stoked this week because the Queen is back with a new track!

“Post Up” is a pre-release single for her upcoming album. A signature heavy hip hop beat with CL’s fiery rapping, the song quickly lets everyone know that she is back stronger than ever.

4. VAV - “Made For Two”

VAV made their comeback with their new single “Made For Two” as member Baron came back from his military service.

Starting off with a light instrumentation, VAV switches it up with a more dramatic feel during the chorus with harder percussions and falsetto vocals as they sing about going through a heartbreak.

5. fromis 9 - “Feel Good [Secret Code]

 fromis_9’s long awaited comeback is here with “Feel Good [Secret Code]”!

An ongoing theme with most of the releases this week, fromis_9 has ridden the retro wave with a disco-infused track partnered with sweet and fun vocals that is undeniably refreshing.

6. B.O.Y. - Miss You

B.O.Y., consisting of former MYTEEN members Kookheon and Yuvin, releases “Miss You” off of their 2nd Mini album Phase 2: WE.

A mid-tempo pop ballad track, the B.O.Y. members show off their emotional and powerful vocals and rap by singing about missing a loved one.

7. punchnello featuring Kid Milli - “fine!”

Show Me The Money 8 winner punchnello shares to the world his new single “fine!” with fellow rapper Kid Milli.

The song that features the fun and rapid flows from the two rappers is about self-assurance over a bubbly, light, indie-jazz beat.

8. UNVS - “Sand Castle”

It hasn’t been that long since their last comeback but UNVS fans are in for a treat as the group releases their new tropical-house infused track “Sand Castle”.

Over a mid-tempo backing track, UNVS were able to showcase their strong vocals and impressive harmonies while likening one’s failed relationship to a washed away sand castle.

9. Pink Sweat$ featuring SEVENTEEN’s Joshua and DK- “17”

American R&B artist Pink Sweat$ released a remix version of his track “17” with SEVENTEEN members Joshua and DK.

Joshua and DK added their sensibilities in an already romantic and intimate track from Pink Sweat$ with their smooth vocals and also singing in Korean. 

10.TREASURE - I Love You

After just a month from their debut, the boys of TREASURE are back with the track “I Love You”.

An energy filled single, “I Love You” follows the dance EDM path, with some trap highlights, which its switch ups are very reminiscent of fellow YG artists Blackpink and is most probably very influenced by the YG sound.

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