Top 5 KDramas in 2020 That You Need To Watch

Time flies really fast when you’re enjoying something so good you don’t want to stop it. That’s how everyone feels when watching K-dramas, or is it only I? 


Have you ever told yourself to watch ‘one’ episode a day, and you end up finishing ten?

You got hooked up, and you’re not alone. Perhaps, the majority of people who engage with watching these series are guilty.

Only a few can ‘really’ be true to their words and resist temptations (which I salute! you’ve got one hell-of-a-self-control).

Maybe it’s the niche?

The protagonist, the sidekick, the plot twist?

Or maybe, it’s just why K-drama madness. Korean dramas (K-Dramas), if you’ve never watched them, like anything at all, we need to do an intensive test.

You might not belong here; maybe you’re not one of us! But if you’ve watched K-drama, at least five, to begin with. Then you’ll indeed be looking forward to what’s been part of the list. 

Bring out your checklist as we try to give you the best k-dramas of 2020.

We’ve rounded five of them (I know, I wish it’s fifty!), but we have to trigger your memory, go down the memory lane, check if you’ve seen one of these, and recommend you (if you’re never yet) to watch them today. 

Why Are K-Dramas Such A hit?

K-dramas are gaining popularity worldwide, aside from popular western series, K-dramas are always trending searches on Netflix!

Regardless of your region, undoubtedly, one K-drama will be trending this week, or perhaps two? 

They are loved by many; why?

It’s the storyline, the unpredictable, and intense scenes, or sometimes will fail you and have a total of 360° plotwise.

They can be fun, lighthearted, heartbreaking, or sappy. They can make you laugh and feel good about what you’re watching, and the variety of niche makes them an excellent binge-watching-worthy.

Our list consists of this year’s top-trending must-watch K-drama selections. If you’ve watched all of them, feel free to leave suggestions and your top favorite. We might include them in our personal choices and to watch them later. 

5 Top-Rated Must-Watch Kdramas of 2020

It’s hard to choose which K-Drama to watch as certainly most of them will get you hooked.

But given this five K-Drama rundown of 2020, whether you watch one of them or not, you’ll agree that they deserved their spot and probably would ask us why only 5?

Well, we surely can extend it but let’s leave some spaces for more K-Dramas!

Ready the popcorn, dim the lights, check the pillow and couch because you’ll be having another day for a roller-coaster ride with this stellar acting, perfectly blended romance, gorgeously-looking casts, and a twist that will melt your heart away. 

Record Of Youth

Overview: The series showcases how three ambitious artists who walk in different social classes work together to achieve their dreams. Won Hae-Hyo (Byeon Woo-Seok) and Sa Hye-Joon (Park Bo-Gum) are aspiring models who want to pursue acting. However, they became close friends with An Jung-Ha (Park So-Dam), a makeup artist.

The trio faces various obstacles that have threatened them from pursuing their lifelong dreams and claim their spots in the world of entertainment. 

Why watch this series: Everyone is waiting for the cast working altogether for a unique storyline. Park Bo-Gum’s major break before joining the military service makes it an extra reason for you to watch it.

It's Okay To Not Be Okay

Overview: Who would disagree that ‘It’s Okay To Not Be Okay’ is one of the best Kdrama this year?

It’s not just a trending series, but the story moral allows us to indulge in the storyline and love it from start to finish.

This story depicts a caregiver working in a mental institution Moon Gang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun), who had parked romance and love aside, then meets the antisocial yet successful author for children’s book Ko Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji), suffering from a personality disorder. It’s never the usual love story with an unpredictable storyline where romance ever blooms. 

The journey began when both wanted to heal their psychological and emotional pain along the way.

Why watch this series: We know how broad the Korean drama niche is, but this one?

The psychiatric facility, mental health issues, or personality disorders?

A total fresher and not the typical type of romance and drama in one.

What’s more remarkable about this is like a comeback for Kim Soo Hyun who’s been off the TV series for five years after he had completed his military service last July 2019. Everyone will surely agree that this K-Drama deserves its spot.

Designated Survivor: 60 Days

Overview: If you love watching K-Drama with a massive niche about corruption, politics, and the government, then this one’s for you.

The story centers on the South Korean Minister for Environment Park Mu-Jin (Ji Jin-Hee). President Yang Hin-Ma dismissed him from his position after getting involved in a short scuffle.

However, the twist comes after a terror attack takes place, killing the president and all ministers.

Park Mu Jin was the last highest-ranking government official who survived and was sworn to be the acting leader for 60 days then tried to put the puzzle into the big picture of who’s the culprit behind the terrible bombing.

Why watch this series: This series is an adaptation of the US tv series ‘Designated Survivor’ aired in 2016. With a thick storyline and tons of plot twists to turn you around, you’ll be hooked figuring out what’s going to happen next.

Strangers from Hell

Overview: For those looking for that hide under the blanket and picked with a whole creepy series type of drama, then this one for you.

Yoon Jong-Woo (Si-wan Yim) is a young guy in his 20s that moves to Seoul after landing his job in the city. He then needed to find a place to stay and live in Eden Goshiwon, a cheap apartment with a communal bathroom and kitchen.

He plans to stay in for six months to save enough money before moving out. However, he starts to notice weird acts and strange happenings inside the building.

Seo Moon-Jo (Lee Dong Wook), a dentist by day and plays as a serial killer at night, happens to be Yoon Jong Woo’s neighbor. Now that’s one heck of a suspenseful series to watch. 

Why watch this series: If you’re looking for heart-thumping and mind-blowing series to keep you asking for more, then this is a must-watch series. 

Itaewon Class

Overview: So, how do you begin about this series? This tackles a lot of social issues relevant to achieving success.

It’s a story about Park Sae-Royi that opens a restaurant in the beautiful city of Itaewon to redeem his life after spending years in jail. He was sent to prison for beating Jang Geun-Won, who happens to be the heir and son of the Jangga Group’s CEO.

Everything was in massive conflict and out of control. Sae Ro Yi’s dad works with Jangga but gets fired when his son refuses to apologize for punching Jang Geun Won after bullying another classmate. Later on, Sae Ro Yi’s dad died in an accident, and the culprit is his ex-classmate, Jang Geun-Won.

With a complicated past, a fresh start comes with a vengeful heart and plans to take over the Jangga Group. However, Jangga CEO won’t let that slide nor happen and does everything to take Sae Ro Yi out of the way.


Why watch this series: The conflict, struggles, twist, and turn of the story makes it uniquely interesting. Plus, a Park Seo Joon series is more than enough for you to get hooked and watch this. Get prepared to be upset and inspire at once. 



There is still a LOT of Kdrama series that are not part of the list, we know! It’s even harder not to mention a few hits, but this is just the beginning; we surely will compile and recommend more. How about you tell us what you think of these five Kdramas first, and we’ll give you a quick update real soon!

There is still a LOT of K-Drama series that are not part of the list, we know! It’s even harder not to mention a few hits, but this is just the beginning; we surely will compile and recommend more. How about you tell us what you think of these five K-Dramas first, and we’ll give you a quick update real soon!

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