Where to Study if You Like to Learn Korean?

Are you a Korean language enthusiast? And you want to study and learn the language in a Korean Language Center?

It’s really possible because there are already many language centers that offer Korean classes. However, this time of year, the capabilities of attending physical classes became limitless because of the pandemic. 

We’re not going to stop there, there’s still the internet!

Before, there weren’t many platforms to learn the basics of Korean language. But now, with just a simple tap of your mobile phones, you can easily enjoy learning the language whenever or wherever you’re at.


You don’t know where to find it online or where to read stuff about the language.

Then let me share with you the TOP 5 on my list as to where to study if you like to learn Korean language online.

Duolingo is a mobile and website application where you can learn the language for FREE. They have a “plus” option, but I think using the free version will already get you rolling.

They have 36 courses available in English, and that includes Korean language.

The first part of the course will help you familiarize with the alphabet then slowly teach you the basics and the construction of phrases.

You’ll enjoy using the app because there is a daily goal, and if you’re on a roll you might get to see your name on the top of the leaderboard.

Overall, Duolingo is a fun and interactive language learning application and website that will get you going in learning Korean language.

Memrise is another application-website learning platform which is based in London, UK. They offer 16 languages on their mobile application.

Memrise uses a different style of learning where-in they use repetition flashcards to increase the chance to store it in the long term memory. They offer a wide-range of subjects even on their website.

This is how it looks like on their homepage…

You can do the Classic Review once you’re done with the lesson.

Memrise has a very simple and unique graphics in learning new words. They use a seed to plant a certain word in your mind and repeat it until you memorise it. At the end of every lesson, all the seed planted will bloom into a flower.

Generally, Memrise will give you the fun and excitement in learning new words in Korean.

You may find Korean Class 101 online in 3 ways…

On their website

On their mobile application (Innovative Language)…

And on their Youtube Channel

Korean Class 101 website has different levels in studying the language. Level 1 composes of Multiple Choice Assessments, Hand-graded Assessments and the 126 lessons.

This is how the dashboard will look like on their website…

There are also different levels for you to choose from. As for me, I chose Absolute Beginner.

What I like the most in their learning program is that there are assessments every before and after the lessons.

Korean Class 101 will definitely help you in mastering the language. It has detailed explanations for better understanding of the usage of vowels, consonants, grammars, etc.

Talk To Me in Korean offers courses of different levels.

To know what level you’re on, you may take their level test. This is how it looks like…

As for me, I’m on the Level 2 of their curriculum…

They will give you choices as to what course you should start after taking the test. TTMIK is composed of native Korean speakers who help in understanding the vocabulary and grammar points of the Korean language.

Talk To Me In Korean also offers premium membership, monthly and yearly. But their basic membership will still get you going because it has essential korean courses, pdf notes, and certification.

Besides that, they also sell textbooks and workbooks from beginner to advanced.

So if you want to learn Korean in an intermediate and advanced manner then go sign up on their website.

Mondly has 33 available languages in localized content in native languages and that includes Korean.

What made mondly different from the other is that they use chatbots and speech recognition in learning the language.

The app itself has many categories; from Core Vocabulary, Family, Friends, Seasons and Weather, Romance, Introductions, Airport, and many more!

Mondly offers premium fees to those who wanted to explore more of the website’s and app’s features.

But for me, using the free version will still help you a lot in learning the language.

Overall, the app’s and website’s features were far more interesting than the others.

You couldn’t go wrong with Mondly because it was recognized as the “Best New App” by Apple in January 2016, received the “App of the Year ” award by Facebook and Editor’s Choice in Google Play!

Learning Tip!

The best way to practice what you learn is to be friends and talk with a Korean native so you will know if your grammar is right or your pronunciation is off.


You may also learn the language with your friends to make it more enjoyable and exciting. You can both practice what you’ve learned.


Also, when reading, try to read it aloud so you can check in yourself if there’s something off and wrong with the way you pronounced it.

After all, it all ends with the saying, “practice makes perfect”.

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